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Commercial Real Estate Solutions

We are Now Offering Commercial Finance Options through our long-standing partnership with IBS Investment Bank.
If you are considering selling, repositioning or refinancing a commercial property, there are various solutions to accommodate funding needs.

Typically, we can offer swifter solutions than traditional lenders.

Typical Needs Include: 
1.) Equity for owners requiring an injection of capital to reposition assets for:
  • Making Improvements or Repairs
  • Buying Additional Parcels
  • Making Additions
2.) Equity for owners experiencing a liquidity event such as a:
  • Partner Buyout
  • Lender Default
  • Ballooned Note
  • Investor’s Capital Return Requirements
3.) Equity for owners seeking to cash-out and recapitalize their equity to:
  • Purchase Other Assets
  • Make Other Investments
There are often many variables in these transactions, so call me to discuss the particulars of your funding needs.
You can also request a complete sales package:

or call Greg Porter:

954-525-1311 Ext. 224.
Greg Porter
Partner/VP of Sales