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Looking For Funding Sources In 2016?

By January 10, 2016CFS Blog


Capital Banking Solutions (CBS), a related company of Capital Funding Solutions (CFS), is a creative banking-solutions center providing a wide-ranging network of investors and lenders and also acts as a source of high-quality funding options for the private-and-institutional investment sectors. Deal-flow provides for an extraordinary diversity of debt/equity, early & mid-stage to late-stage, and for creative financing opportunities. Through our proven strategic collaborations, we offer our clients access to distinctive relationships with investment-banking firms, private debt/equity investors, family offices, major and regional banks, credit unions, insurance companies and venture capital investors in the United States and abroad. Utilizing our distinctive collection of professional relationships, we can connect and deliver capital for every stage of a company’s life-cycle funding needs, from start-ups to expansion. This includes world-class marketing assistance and every conceivable alternative structure in between. Our mission is to organize and convey turnkey-funding solutions to our clients through our strategic funding alliances and comprehensive network of capital providers around the country. We apply all-inclusive intake due-diligence criteria, select the applicable solution(s) and then, if required, syndicate financings through our CBS network of top-line professionals. When suitable we can also provide immediate working capital via Capital Funding Solutions, our industry-leading factoring affiliate. Our network-funding capabilities range from five million to several hundred million. Through our network and strategic collaborations, we link clients to a wide variety of services… Here’s a brief summary of what we can offer:

  • Wall Street Investment Bank: 100-year-old Broker Dealer/Market Maker — variety of funding services, Investment Bank that focuses on investment needs of domestic and international clients (with a focus in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia) in emerging growth situations.
  • Boutique Investment-Bank Affiliate: Post-Revenue Lender providing corporate finance, trade finance, cash management, human-capital resources, insurance and consulting options.
  • Private and Institutional Funders–Pre and Post Revenue Lenders: Diverse project finance provided via venture capital, creative asset management and non-recourse funding.
  • Monetization Lenders: Minimum payment-guarantee funder, providing funding against date and sum- certain contracts, service and supply agreements, license agreements, energy- savings contracts, structured settlements, company or business unit acquisitions, and waste to energy and other “green initiatives.”
  • Revenue-Participation Funding: Project funding based on growth utilizing current revenue streams conducted via an innovative, revolutionary, trademarked, turnkey-funding process.
  • Commercial Real Estate: Several funders proficient in all areas of commercial real estate, both domestic and international.
  • “Green”- Related Social Impact Funding/EB-5 Funding: Funding for environmental, energy, green related projects or projects that offer measurable social or environmental impact in addition to profit through numerous family offices, private foundations, and commercial institutions.
  • Marketing to Grow Your Business New for 2016: CBS is aligned with a world-class marketing team, over 500 strong, who will develop a program to market and “sell” your product both domestically and abroad. Increase your sales, factor your invoices with us and receive working capital against your increased overhead to support your growth.
  • Our in-house services are comprised of working-capital factoring services, commercial-loan monitoring, and reporting services to financial institutions and businesses. Contact us today and see what we have to offer; let Capital Banking Solutions and Capital Funding Solutions engineer the right solution for your growing needs.

For further information, Contact 877-545-1311.