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Hear What Capital Funding Solutions Customers Are Saying

By July 1, 2016CFS Blog


 I am writing this review to highly recommend the services of Capital Funding Solutions (CFS) for any business who may not be able to obtain traditional bank financing or a line of credit in order to take advantage of significant growth opportunities. My company was in a position to receive an annual contract from a new client in excess of $1.5 million, however, the contract required my small company to extend payment terms as well as utilize significant capital upfront to get the business going. Due to the service nature of our business and the lack of fixed of long-term fixed assets for which a bank could hold in collateral, such as vehicles or a building, banks were unwilling to provide a line of credit. I tried multiple banks with no luck.

 CFS took the time to understand my business, our business cycle and the needs we have. They designed a specific funding program tailored to my needs and did not ask me for any further commitments regarding the rest of my business to secure the needed financing for this particular new client need. The relationship has lasted for several years and the Capital Funding Team has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Very responsive, understanding, and extremely flexible with funding requirements.

 I will say that I did try the services of other similar companies and they did not work out well due to the aggressiveness of their programs, unwillingness to be flexible, and difficulty in communication. Capital Funding really made it easy to help my business grow and flourish.

 Daniel G. – Corporate Housing Suites