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A Family Tradition Continues

By December 15, 2016CFS Blog

Capital Funding Solutions (CFS) President and CEO, Greg Curley, reflects on the importance of acting in the best interest of the client after CFS received the distinction of “Overall Top Factoring Company for 2016” by the Factoring Club. He should know; as he is a second-generation factor; his father, Gerard, “Jerry” Curley was a factor, too. Jerry always impressed upon Greg the importance of transparency and reputation in the factoring business. His mantra: sometimes you have to “take one for the team” to establish a long-standing, trustworthy relationship with a client.

Jerry, who passed away in 2012, was one of the original founders of a Tampa Bay, Florida factoring company. Like father, like son, Greg Curley established CFS as his own factoring business on the East Coast of Florida in 2003. The following year, Greg Porter was named Vice-President of Sales & Marketing and the rest is history.

CFS has managed steady and continued growth since its inception, starting with a mere few deals in 2003 to exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars in purchased receivables by 2016. Greg Curley explains:

“We at CFS know that at the end of the day, our hard work and dedication is helping business owners thrive in an economy that has encountered some major blows, especially to small and medium-sized business owners. Our satisfaction comes from helping people grow their businesses and proper. This adds to the overall expansion of our economy making it mutually beneficial and rewarding for all parties.”

FactoringClub published its first annual awards for the best factoring companies earlier this year. The selection criteria was based on user feedback and factoring agreement terms and conditions.